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Found this at goodwill today .

2021.10.23 03:59 macross1986 Found this at goodwill today .

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2021.10.23 03:59 Stinkyfeetman85 Would you play with my feet?

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2021.10.23 03:59 FaithlessnessSad6228 [Letter]

Hey Am willy just a young guy from small village in Kenya . Currently am a computer science student and am 20 years old. I want to thank you for your lectures and videos ,my dad passed away so ive no one to look up to ,no one to motivate me ,no one to lean on ,,but then i found you . You've helped me put my life in order and to be responsible . Thank you.
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2021.10.23 03:59 proBICEPS Преди политически катарзис

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2021.10.23 03:59 notahog Somehow Jeff’s is even more phallic.

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2021.10.23 03:59 jeralte how am i so fkn bad at nidalee?

People say nidalee lee sin graves kindred have similar playstyles, super snowbally strong early skirmishers and while I'm good at the latter 3 I'm so god awful at nidalee. Clearly the champ is strong because pros hard carry with this champ even in like diamond-gm but i don't understand how i always end up straight int when playing nidalee in my proper elo (high gold). I'm upset and I want to learn this champ because it looks fun and most of the best junglers in the game are good at her, but I have no idea how to get the snowball rolling.
Obviously I'm not expecting crazy kdas like the uber smurfing pros, but I would expect at least a similar performance from nidalee as i would from lee sin/kindred, I know all the tips and tricks of getting fed on those champs like level 2/3 invades and all the gank paths, just cannot figure out nidalee however. What is the mindset required to do well on this champ?
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2021.10.23 03:59 Ill-Fee4291 #kaisesikheenglish

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2021.10.23 03:59 sophiesbloguk Completely minimal spreads for November. I need function over fancy for a busy month.

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2021.10.23 03:59 SmolSpider_ If you were going to be reincarnated into any living creature from earth of your choice, what would you be and why?

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2021.10.23 03:59 hygienichandgel Started a new (freelance) job in festival marketing. Have to co-work with someone who has been working there for ages. I want to try a completely different strategy, without hurting her feelings. How do I do that?

What the title says.
I’ve been hired at a music festival to do their social media. I have to co-work with someone who does the out-of-home marketing, who has been working there for ages.
Their graphics are really dated and I would like to change that. However, my co-worker seems to be really attached to them. I want to go for a completely different strategy but I feel like she already hates me because I’m stirring up everything that she’s used to.
How do I do what’s best for the festival (it’s in four months) without hurting her feelings?
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2021.10.23 03:59 freeufc Peugeot 208 | Dismantling And Reassembling Exterior Mirror

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2021.10.23 03:59 emyjjui [MO] Julian!!

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2021.10.23 03:59 initram5 US officials walk back Biden’s remarks on Taiwan, say policy has not changed

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2021.10.23 03:59 muhammadalraiyan When this map good

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2021.10.23 03:59 Mysterious-Cup-6278 Leaked Scene From DDLC 2

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2021.10.23 03:59 SantyagoBarnabelo Прекрасное субботнее утро.

Хотел написать комментарий к нижнему посту, но набралось так много мыслей что пришлось всё вынести в отдельный пост. И так погнали, мои субботние мысли вслух.
Как приятно встать в субботу утром, без похмелья. Голова не болит, ты чувствуешь себя просто прекрасно, в любой момент можешь сесть за руль хоть в 3 часа ночи. Проснулся в 8.30. Утром позавтракали с дочерью, я выпил чашечку кофе и кусочек торта, это просто невероятно крутые ощущения нового себя. В 9.30 сходил в Красное и Белое купить кошке корм, подешевле купить к сожалению можно только там, политика магазина, завлечь покупателя любыми способами. Купи дешевый кошке корм и пивной корм для себя в придачу:). И что же я там увидел. Покупателей с опухшими лицами, мутными глазами и поникшим взглядом в никуда, это ощущение что они просто зомби! Раньше в субботу с бодуна я просыпался ближе к обеду и с квадратной головой, ждал 2 часов когда откроется пивбар, под любым предлогом сваливал из дома, похмелялся и вот часам к 5-6 я уже опять пьяный в сракотень, приходил домой и ложился спать до вечера, а вечером всё по новой. Вот так раньше проходили мои выходные. Из за этого постоянные скандалы с женой доводящие чуть ли не до развода, у меня хватило ума остановится и не оставить дочь расти без отца, мне даже страшно представить что бы было со мной если бы мы развелись и я жил отдельно от семьи. Не пью сегодня вместе с Вами, в жизни так много интересного не тратьте время и своё здоровье на яд который приводит к сомнительному удовольствию и разрушает Вашу жизнь!
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2021.10.23 03:59 A_Good_Boy94 I need $200 to replace my phone's screen. :(

It cracked while I was at the gym 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to afford to fix it. Tonight as I was laying down to sleep, the screen went black and will not turn on anymore. Big sad.
I looked up the pricing and it's $200-$250 depending on who I get it serviced with locally, but honestly, anything beyond that would help a lot in other areas of my life as I am slowly sinking into debt.
PS. Please, don't bother looking through my other posts. They're quite filthy and you normies don't need exposed to that side of me.
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2021.10.23 03:59 MyGrowadventure #winteriscoming . Set the canopy temp at 65 for the “heater”. 7x late season “desert autos” I’m expecting both snow and harvest . Any suggestions ?

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2021.10.23 03:59 Your_Healer Should ring finger or index finger be longer?

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2021.10.23 03:59 PreparationSmart752 S5 E4 plot

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2021.10.23 03:59 Tebda-Takz0 Things you can say about your broadband, but not your partner

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2021.10.23 03:59 throwawayprsonal69 What is name of the sister in Phineas and Ferb 🤔🤔?? I forgor 💀

pls help
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2021.10.23 03:59 benneticc (15) M doing jerk or cock tributes no limits kik-benneticc

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2021.10.23 03:59 abjinternational [100% off]Revenue and Pricing Analytics with Excel & Python.

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2021.10.23 03:59 koli12801 Does anyone know of a website that provides inventions or products waiting to be licensed?

Im struggling to come up with business ideas. Im working on brainstorming to come up with some, but I’m also wondering if I could possibly find someone else’s products to sell as my own? Does anyone know of a forum or website I could go on to connect with inventors and other entrepreneurs?
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