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2021.10.23 04:26 jojomxjo @theautochive on instagram

posting car content check it out!
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2021.10.23 04:26 SignalDawg New wearable skin lets you touch VR stuff and really feel it. - VRisrael2013

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2021.10.23 04:26 TheOriginalCollector I’ve been working on this Dell Optiplex GX150, it’s becoming a solid Pentium III system!

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2021.10.23 04:26 EzSleazyyy Shipping Costs on FBMP

I had noticed a few months back that shipping larger items through FBMP was cheaper using UPS. A 1-2lb items ships for $8.94. After I had made a sale, I had noticed that Facebook had charged me $10.70 instead.
Has anyone tried getting any help on this? I keep getting this same “person” named Adam who just copy and pastes the same responses that don’t relate to my questions.
Is Facebook able to do this? Advertise a price and change it after without confirming the final shipping label price?
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2021.10.23 04:26 Different-Ad-2691 This girl is really metal

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2021.10.23 04:26 notcamerson Plenty of belly here

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2021.10.23 04:26 RulerOfThePixel Timelapses

Hey guys, I've got time lapses enabled but...where do they go?!
I can't find them anywhere!
Raise n2 plus
I've checked the PRINT > DASHBOARD tab and it's empty
Cheers :)
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2021.10.23 04:26 arkh4ngelsk Aside from your own, what’s your favorite Balkan country?

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2021.10.23 04:26 literallywhyyme Snake Juice vs Regular water?

I can’t really watch Coles videos because his delivery is annoying and I can’t stand the yelling but can someone tell me the benefits of drinking snake juice on a fast vs regular water? About a year ago I lost 80 pounds just fasting with regular water so i’m just curious. Thanks!
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2021.10.23 04:26 Rob_Favotto_9 Burn The Highway - Tatakai

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2021.10.23 04:26 Nextbuffetyolo Sleep is a way to fast forward life.

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2021.10.23 04:26 StoleLast Soo uhh..I tried painting and this is what i got...

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2021.10.23 04:26 Baklajhan13 big plains biome with ocean beside it (1.17) (Bedrock)

Preferably near spawn, must be at least 1000 blocks large
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2021.10.23 04:26 Kingster69_ My asian mom has officially turned 33! A big epic happy birthday to her! :)

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2021.10.23 04:26 -Grammar_Nazi_ Looking for a right-angled flashlight that can point not just at 90 degrees but also be moved to 45 degrees. Does it exist?

It's only for pointing at my hands so it doesn't need to be lumen-packed. Preferably all flood.
Does it exist? I'm struggling with the Google keywords.
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2021.10.23 04:26 VirionD Guide: How to Full Geo Team (Basic Guide) - Preparation for 2.3 Itto & Gorou

Good for those who want to understand how Geo Characters work with their Respective role on a Full Geo Team
Full Geo General Tactic.
Albedo or Geo MC - AOE & Battery Support
Zhongli - Steele Resonance, Shield and Resistance Shred. Tactical Nuke support for 4 secs petrify to set-up shield
Noelle - AOE Healer / DPS
Ningguang - Range DPS Support / Battery
Aratataki Itto - If the dungeon does not require Healing then replace Noelle
Gorou - May want to replace Ningguang as the Range DPS support. (More info of his gameplay & Kit Needed)
Geo Resonance:
Enduring Rock - Increases Shield Strength by 15%. Additionally, characters protected by a shield will have the following special characteristics: DMG dealt increased by 15%, dealing DMG to enemies will decrease their Geo RES by 20% for 15s
=The Geo Characters=
Geo MC - The Geo Battery

Good Battery which regenerates 3 Energy Particles per E Skill every 8 Sec

However, you have to practice the positioning by holding E. Just try to put in on the side or near front.
Also the Starfell Sword (E Skill) is good on blocking Large Enemies and them destroying it gives AOE Geo Damage. Use this technique when Fighting Large Enemies.
You can see on this Video (Click to see) how I used the Starfell Sword (E skill) to block the Large Enemies Path and also letting them destroying it.
The Geo MC Burst is both a Blessing and a Curse. It is good Stele Resonance Partner with Zhongli's Pillar. However it may also impede your mobility. So Deploy wisely.

Preferred Build:
Weapon: Festering Desire
Other options are: Sacrificial Sword & Favonius. The goal is to make the GEO MC the Ideal GEO Battery.
2 Piece Archaic Petra - 15% Geo Damage Preferred a Geo Cup Sands - Atk or ER Circlet - Crit
Your Choice of any which will depend heavily on RNG on the substats. So use any of the 2 piece with better Substats
2 Piece Gladiator or Shimenawa - Atk + 18% 2 Piece Noblese Oblige - Elemental Burst +20%
**************** Ningguang - The Range Geo DPS
Ningguang also Generates 3 Energy on her E Skill which is also an idea for Geo Battery. CD 12 Secs and at C2 it can be casted again when the Jade Screen is Shattered every 6 secs.

All Catalyst Users Relies Heavily on Charge Attacks. As you can see on the image below at Level 9 it gives 296% Geo Elemental Damage.
Combined that with her Passive Talent Backup Plan. Making her a Jade Bombardment Queen.
When Ningguang is in possession of Star Jades, her Charge Attack does not consume Stamina
Ningguang is very good on dealing with Range Opponents and Flyers as her Jade Screen blocks incoming projectiles
And it also buffs Geo Damage
C1 - Normal Attacks becomes AOE C2 - Jade Screen Skill Resets ever 6 secs when Shattered C-4 - Jade Screen increases your Elemental Resistance by 10% C6 - Not Necessary but good to have. You have to take into account the Skill Casting Delay.
Ningguang Role on a GEO Team is to be the Vanguard DPS as she has both Quick Skill & Quick Burst Animations. Then you put her back immediately after her Salvo of Geo Attacks as She is very Squishy.
You may want to replace her with Gorou if you have Arataki Itto as DPS. As Both Gorou and Ningguang can fulfill the Range Support.
Weapon: DPS - Ideally the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. This will give you near 30K per Jade Screen.
4 Star Options: You can use Solar Pear, The Widsith & Prototype Amber. Favonius Codex is also good should you use her as a Battery.
Artifacts: Ideally 2 Piece Archaic Petra - 15% Geo Damage and 2 Piece Noblese Oblige - 20% Burst Damage
Because I have build my Ningguang as a Vanguard DPS.. I have her build the Full Wanderer Troup Set. Also This is the Artifact Set that I have a very good Substats for her.
Atk Sands Geo Cup Crit or CDmg Circlet No ER Necessary

For Max Charge Attack Spamming
My Method is to hold the Directional Button while Pressing the Normal Attack. 2 Normal Attacks + 1 Charge Attack usually does the Trick for me.
Here is a Video (Click to See) of Ningguang effective use of Range Attacks in Action
Noelle - The Tanky AOE DPS Healer (Preferred C6)

She got a Very Reliable Healing Shield

At Level 12 it hits 240% of Def during Activation (Must be Upclose and Personal) and it has 150% Damage Absorption to Physical and Elemental Damage. Plus hitting enemies while Noelle is Shielded heals all your team that scales with her Defence.
Noelle Passive also decreases the Breastplate CD

Her Burst Converts her Normal Attack to AOE Geo Damage. She becomes the Gundam Wing Noelle. So Talent Prio is Normal>Burst>Skill

@ C1 When E Skill and Burst is all Active.The Healing Triggering Chance is 100% @ C2 Decreases Stamina Consumption by 20% & Increase Charge Attack by 15%..This is good when you are surrounded by multiple enemies, lowering the CD of E Skill effectively @ C-4 When Breastplate expires it explodes dealing 400% Atk as AOE Geo Damage. @ C6 She becomes a Beast Best Weapon is the White Blind (Preffered at R5) When Noelle is C6
Tip to maximize Infusion Blade is to let Noelle do 4 Normal or Charge Attack hits So that the Additional Def Stack will be Added on your Burst Conversion. Giving her an awesome from anything to 4k-6k Attack. Which then gives you to almost 20k Damage per Hit when it Crits.

Artifacts Will Depend on the Substats You can go Full Retracing Bolide or go Full Gladiator
Def Sands Geo Cup Crit / Cdmg Circlet or Def if you already achieve a good Cr to Cdmg ratio
Noelle Role is to Wipe Everything Clean. Use her last on your Full Geo Team. She is your secret weapon to Clean up Mobs and Healing your Team.
Usually Albedo Deploys the Mine Field, Zhongli gives the Geo Shred, Ningguang gives the Geo buffing Jade Screen and Noelle will clean up the Rest.
A Video of Noelle in Action
***************************** Albedo - The Minefield Off-field Support.
His E Skill Generates a Steady 1 Geo Particle per tick. It also deals AOE Geo damage whenever an Attack hits within the field.
I use Albedo to my DPS Character that Lacks AOE abilities like my Eula. Try using him with Hu-tao or Yoimiya to solve your AOE Problem.
His E skill does not penetrate or Damage Elemental Shield so be aware. Also Bosses tend to destroy it quickly but the good news is the Skill CD is 4 Sec.
His Burst is useful to stagger enemies and kill the Pest Cicin Flies
Best Weapon for now is Harbringer of Dawn
On the Artifacts...It simply stacking as many Def% as Possible while maintaining a good balance of CDmg
2 Piece Archaic & 2 Piece Glad does the trick Def Sands Geo Cup Def Circlet
With my Current Def my E Skill deals 15-17k AOE Geo Damage every 2 secs.

Albedo Role is to Provide an AOE off-field support and its very cheap to build.
As you can see on this Screen Shot the Awesome Barrage of AOE Geo Damage as Eula is Hacking tougher Enemies.

Albedo and Geo MC roles is swappable.
Here is the Full Run with Albedo as the AOE Geo Support for Single Target Eula. (Click to see Video)
***************** Zhongli - The Epitome of Cheat...The Cheesiest Archon out there.

Zhongli Energy Regeneration is Random but A Good R5 Favonius Lance or R5 Catch does the Trick
He has the most Cheesiest Shield in Genshin. Not it has a Ridiculous amount of Damage Absorption against all Damage be it Physical or Elemental. It also Strengthens as it take Damage plus it Heals 40% of Incoming Damage as HP at C6.
It Shreds all of Enemy Resistances to 20%..I mean what more could you ask for.
His Burst also have a High Scaling plus a 4 Sec Petrification..Seriously why did you Skip Zhongli?
Preferred Weapon of Choice: There is a lot of options here from DPS worty Staff of Homa & Vortex Vanquisher
To Supportive Skyward Spine, Favonius Lance & The Catch
Artifacts Ideally 2 Piece Archaic Petra - 15% Geo Damage 2 Piece Noblese - 20% Burst Damage
Full Tenacity of the Millelith for Shield Bot and Support
***************************** More Videos of Full Geo Team
GEO MC against Large Mobs GEO MC VS La Signora Full Geo Team Vs Mechanical Array Full Geo Team vs Maguu Kenki
My First Full Geo Team on Abyss 12 9Stars (Old Patch)
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2021.10.23 04:26 Animaytalks How To Make Rainbow In 7.90 Seconds

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2021.10.23 04:26 melloyello8904 What to expect to learn from endocrinologist?

I was diagnosed in my early teens and have never seen an endocrinologist. I have been referred off by my rheumatologist since I have PCOS, autoimmune thyroid disease, and am getting a hysterectomy soon.
Since I've never been, I don't know what I can reasonably expect to learn. Can others share their experiences?
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2021.10.23 04:26 tokenmaker1111 Tweet by TokenMaker#7810

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2021.10.23 04:26 Pandai_1 1st car 95 LS. Shout-out to dude who corrected me. I've only had for about a month

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2021.10.23 04:26 DatBoiShadowbon nikocado avocado dies

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2021.10.23 04:26 chomprelative Couch Potatoes??

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2021.10.23 04:26 BalrogBeat Ny Drill Type Beat

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2021.10.23 04:26 cassiestonem264 empty space

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2021.10.23 04:26 Skrylfr Pigeon related question

I rescued an injured fledging pigeon from west end on Friday evening and now I'm figuring out what the fuck to do with it.
Australia zoo was happy to take it!... I can't drive that far I contacted the RSPCA and they were happy to aswell, but a friend told me if I did that they'd just kill it (like if you turn in a house rat to a pest control center)
Is it safe to take it to the RSPCA? I've kinda bonded with the little guy
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