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2021.10.23 04:11 tablachokv [ Hot Deals !] Microsoft Windows 10 Professional only $38.99 ( 35% Discount Promo Code: OCT35 )

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2021.10.23 04:11 TomorrowGalaxy What should I build here?

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2021.10.23 04:11 aPink31 Cautionary Tale: Fyregrass's poison TS occultist

If you are considering doing a league start as this build as its been getting a lot of hype especially here please consider that when fyre says that the build is slow to start he is not giving it justice and is borderline being disingenuous with how bad the skill is. You level with fire skills the entire time while being forced to take poison and bow nodes so your character gets progressively weaker and weaker, and once I transitioned at level 57 with a quill rain, a broadhead quiver with t2 phys and gloves with t2 phys it was the worst build experience I've had in 6 years playing the game. Sadly was looking forward to u/Fyregrass as a new and promising content creator on the scene as many of his videos have been high quality but he's selling snake oil with this one which has lead to extreme doubt of anything he puts out coming forward. Perhaps the build does get strong at some point once you get into white maps but the fact that he himself glossed over how bad it is pre certain breakpoints is a huge disservice to anyone he baited into league starting this.
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2021.10.23 04:11 ghettokid1994 Does anyone know if you can take the flaming car and store it?

Also, for the random killers, can they spawn in as muggers when you call one or are they just random?
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2021.10.23 04:11 meerjungfrauman Completely Block a Channel from appearing when visiting youtube?

can i somehow completely block a channel from ever appearing anywhere in my youtube experience? Like, if i know theres a certain channel that only creates trash content, but somehow has good search optimization, can i somehow block this channel so no matter what i type in, it will not show up?

Thanks in advance
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2021.10.23 04:11 SlikrPikr Judge bans Ottawa mother from advising son against COVID-19 vaccine

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2021.10.23 04:11 ThatDudeYallKnow $7 entry fee. (22,300vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed

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2021.10.23 04:11 happy_petite_spartan [LF] Pear Cardboard Box & Labelled Cardboard Box [FT] 1M bells each box

Looking for the Pear Cardboard Box & Labelled Cardboard Box.
Willing to pay 1M for each cardboard box! Thanks :)
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2021.10.23 04:11 Nerakus Should I take a career worthy job if I plan to leave ASAP?

My wife and I both landed our dream jobs at the same time. Except mine is in Los Angeles and her in Seattle. We’ve been together 7 years and always wanted to leave Southern California for the north. My job is a great federal job that many would consider their dream job at this mid level. I’ll be learning skills that are very valuable both private and public sector. Everything’s great except I hate Los Angeles.
We got home from Seattle yesterday after finding her a place and I love it there. The plan is long distance till I find something. There is an office in Seattle so I could potentially transfer if something is posted, but my federal employee friend says I shouldn’t take it if I won’t stay a year I’ll look like a job hopper. But I’ve gotten 50/50 advice on the matter from people I’ve asked. What’s the appropriate play here?
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2021.10.23 04:11 ArctoDracoVishZolt YES

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2021.10.23 04:11 sagarbansal21 Immunify.life — Smart contracts and Architecture

Immunify.life — Smart contracts and Architecture
Each actor in the platform will access the IMM ecosystem using a native mobile app (Android / iOS) with a built-in IMM wallet (multi-crypto) or a web browser connected to the actor’s wallet of choice compatible with Ethereum and Cardano. The current state of blockchain tech. stack does not allow us to deliver the vision in a truly DAPP way, hence we define a hybrid architecture to provide a cache layer for real-time access and cost-efficient storage of large chunks of information.
We plan to mint the IMM tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and then burn them and clone the copies in the Cardano blockchain which allows for better tech. specs to support the massive flux of information we will be exchanging. Our architecture also contains cross-chain plugins to other potential networks in case we need to connect to other blockchains to leverage some feature that will be standard at the moment we release each iteration of our roadmap.
Immunify.life high-level architecture
Each actor will be uniquely identified via the abstraction of SSI (Self Sovereign Identity), using NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) following the ERC721 standard or similar, in Cardano CNFT or any other current industry standard.
The SSI implementation provides the right level of empowerment and incentives for the weaker actors in the ecosystem to become active players by leveraging access to their private information in a secure, fairway arbitrated by market prices.
Each actor will have one or many roles (hence incentives) in the system: Person/Patient, Physician, Clinic, Government, Travel Regulation Agency, Research Lab, NGO (Donor), Insurer.
Read more: https://immunify-life.medium.com/immunify-life-smart-contracts-and-architecture-b98106325562
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2021.10.23 04:11 TerriblyGentlemanly Looking for mods with human enemies

Ho there fellow mud trekkers. Here's my thing with games like stalker, I prefer humanoid intelligent enemies, rather than mutants that run at you, or zombies that shuffle towards you. For this reason, bandits are favored regular enemies, and Black's mercenaries, being limited in number, always leave me thirsting for more hardcore tactical CQB engagements.
Bandits are often encountered in the wild, but very seldom in "locations". Its not like Morrowind for example, in which you come to a building or village and have to clear it out, that happens typically with mutants only. So my question is this: are there mods (for CoP specifically) that add more human (non-zombie) enemies? Preferably in locations so that I can sneak up on their camps and eliminate them? That would be better than simply investing the incidence of bandits. Thanks.
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2021.10.23 04:11 harryblottter Our new rescue, Hazel!

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2021.10.23 04:11 HAH_bagel If i were to plug the exhaust port of a venturi vacuum would i build pressure off the vacuum port?

I know this is simple and i think the answer is yes but im having a hard time finding a solid answer online. Basically i want to make a diy project of sorts. If you are familiar with mityvac or fluid extractors you can get one that has both extraction and vacuum, but they only come manual pump like this one here im ok with manually pumping fluid into something, but would like to be able to walk away from the unit while extracting a fluid. I figure i can mount a venturi ejector with a ball valve on exhaust and vac ports with a regulator and switch between manual or pneumatic push/pull. Curious if i could get some thoughts. Obviously pressure regulation is in mind for both not trying to blow things apart. More curious if its feasible to set up. Ejector i was considering
(Will probably cross post depending on response. Thought id start here)
Also, was unable to find a solid answer on how many mmHg is appropriate for fluid extraction. Don't want to implode the unit but assume we are pulling something like honey or syrup consistency at room temperature. Is 15mmHg enough to try and not over stress the unit? Probably wouldn't try and put more than 10-15+psi but id test to see what it does stock first and match it.
Ive been trying to find solid answers for hours. Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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2021.10.23 04:11 JamzOCE Dogs ate my Invisalign on my final tray.

Hi, I am on my last tray of Invisalign and the plan that I have been following is swapping out each tray after one week of wearing each tray, but for this last tray I would wear them for 3 weeks to allow my teeth to stabilise before getting my wires put in etc. However, I have had my last tray in for only 1 week and 1 day and now my dogs have chewed my Invisalign because I left them (in the hard shelled case thing) on the table and they somehow got in. My dentist is closed for the next 2 days and I am wondering what is the best thing to do in the mean time? Should I go back to my previous tray for the next 2 days (25/26)? Should I just leave my teeth as they are without any aligners instead? Or is there something else that is even better to do? The last time I spoke to my dentist he said that he already had the retainer set up and organised for me, but I don’t know what to do given the earliest I can see him is in 2 days.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me :)
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2021.10.23 04:11 couponfordeals New >> Opcoupon $30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway [End October 29 23:30 Pacific Time]

Congratulations > $30 Amazon Gift Card Winner > Sean | seannade**@hotmail.com
New >> Opcoupon $30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway [End October 29 23:30 Pacific Time)
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2021.10.23 04:11 chaotic_crystal not sure how to caption this particular blep

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2021.10.23 04:11 NLEPlayboiYachty When the donkey is angry

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2021.10.23 04:11 JMHollabaugh82 Need help playing online with friends

Me and a few buddies of mine are playing online and I was wondering how do we hang the difficulty for us? I know it says when playing alone the harder difficulties allow your cars to go faster. When we play online the AI cars blow buy us. How can we be more competitive? How do we set difficulties?
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2021.10.23 04:11 downjoe69 M4a 26 bi male Lancaster pa

Lancaster pa
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2021.10.23 04:11 ThatDudeYallKnow $7 entry fee. (22,300vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed

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2021.10.23 04:11 Gannicus79 [SHRIMPY.IO] Put your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on AUTOMATION https://shrimpy.io/referral?r=SkqOFr0TE

Use my promo code to get started with this awesome crypto portfolio manager.
Manage your portfolio with rebalancing or follow the best performers copying their strategies!
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2021.10.23 04:11 Linty_2 Has my husband detached himself from this pregnancy?

My situation: I’m 36 weeks and miserable. I have a cough and a cold (not Covid) and so does my 3 year old. I’ve been struggling all week trying to work full time from home and taking care of us both as she can’t go to school. Not to mention the physical pain I’m always in - pelvic pain, carpal tunnel, leg cramps, hip pain etc.
My husband’s situation: Also working full time from home. However. He has decided that now is the time to renovate and redecorate the house before baby comes. He started months ago and it’s endless. The garden was first - new patio, painting the outside of the house, cutting down trees. Then he focussed on indoors - knocked through a wall and window to put in a door (can’t tell you how much dust this caused), painting (including a repaint job because he changed his mind about the colour). He’s currently tiling the bathroom for the last two weeks and wants to paint the baby’s room after that. I don’t want to paint the baby’s room, I just need him to clear out the large clutter rather than decorate it.
I need to point out that he’s not that good at DIY but wants to try it all himself so everything takes soooo long. He’s so obsessed and focussed on this that he has zero mind space left for helping me out with our child, general household chores and prep for baby who comes in 4 weeks! His intentions are good but he doesn’t get how much I actually need him now. I’m really struggling physically, I have our child on my own all day while trying to work and I’m feeling overwhelmed with it all. I’ve tried to say this to him but he’s not hearing it. It’s like this is his way of nesting or something. The house is in a state and I can’t keep up with laundry. I suggested hiring a cleaner for the next few weeks and he said no way, we’d manage.
I’m just so sad, he was amazing at this stage for the first pregnancy and I was totally relaxed and prepared for labour but it couldn’t be more different now. I’m worried about the negative impact this could have on labour. I haven’t had time to think about my birth plan or anything. He has no time to talk it through either because he’s always working on the house.
My baby shower is today and he will take our child away for a few hours so I’ll get a break. But then he’s arranged to meet his friends after it. Plus he’s meeting another group of friends tomorrow for a day out at a game with drinks etc so I’ll have her on my own again.
It definitely hasn’t helped that he’s been unable to attend any prenatal check ups or scans because of Covid. This is really just a rant from an uncomfortable, sick pregnant lady who’s dreading the baby shower so if you’ve read this far, thanks for staying with me and any solidarity comments would help me right now!
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2021.10.23 04:11 ZoolShop People who got Covid-19 vaccines were less likely to die from any cause compared to unvaccinated people, study finds

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2021.10.23 04:11 How_toBE_aVIRGIN Tell me you have big dick without telling me you have big dick

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