Help me find a C++ book with a name like "Program Desgn and Problem Analysis" by Novak

2021.12.02 03:50 hydrolock12 Help me find a C++ book with a name like "Program Desgn and Problem Analysis" by Novak

I had an interesting chat with my Uber driver who is also a software engineer. He recommended a book that he said "changed his life" when it came to thinking about programming.
It was something like "Program Design and Problem Analysis" and the author was someone like "RJ Novak". I can't remember exactly. It have searched similar terms and find exactly the right book. Does anyone know what it is called?
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2021.12.02 03:50 Accomplished_Habit_6 Whole post vanished because of a yes/no question??!

So I just spent like 45 minutes writing a post, made sure it followed all the sub rules listed, but I'm pretty sure it still got deleted? There's a comment notification I can't open (says content no longer available) that I think says yes/no questions aren't allowed, which is NOT anywhere on the post requirement list.
Did the auto mod seriously just delete my whole post because of a requirement that wasn't visible anywhere?? Is there any way to get it back??
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2021.12.02 03:50 mojo72400 [The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat] How moms trick their sons' very close female friends into becoming their daughter-in-laws

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2021.12.02 03:50 1Kushal1 .

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2021.12.02 03:50 Nategreat923 Sorry for spamming, but one more nice Harry Ford, in blue.

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2021.12.02 03:50 dirrtyremixes Adam Kaase - Blue Sky And Hexagon EP / FRE133 / Fresco Records

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2021.12.02 03:50 FuckThatTrout Some notes I’ve learned about work.

-Don’t put up with bullshit. If you are being treated like shit, and can pay your bills for the next 2 months, then just leave. There’s no reason to argue, bargain, or try to rectify a problem with a shitty employer.
-Write down everything that they tell you to do for the day, if something changes, never scribble it out, slash it once, write a note why it changed, and maintain your records. You can later use those to argue that you don’t change your notes, they change their orders.
-Always look for better opportunities. There are always jobs paying more money for what your already doing, complacency kills. If you aren’t looking for more money, you’re not going to find it.

-Note your work. If you are working out of your job description, keep tabs on it, this gives you a reference for arguing for more pay.
-Discuss wages with your coworkers if they are open to it. This is a federally protected right, use it. Most employers hate this one simple trick!
-Show up on time, leave on time, take your entire break. It sets a precedent, if you are showing up early and clocking out late, it means they can exploit you.
-Don’t engage in work gossip/arguments. It makes you personally invested. You can give a shit about your job without being part of the “family” culture that they try to instill in you.
-If you are offered a raise less then 3%, quit. Immediately. If they try to talk you out of it, ask them if they are willing to offer a higher raise, if they aren’t, quit, or start looking for a new job.
A good job is made up of four things. The location that you work, the people that you work with, the work that you do, and the pay that you receive. A good job meets 4 of the 3, if it doesn’t hit 3, it’s a shit job.
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2021.12.02 03:50 tmiklas Planned Parenthood LA discloses data breach after ransomware attack

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2021.12.02 03:50 shrtrat what about a spotify wrapped thread :-]

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2021.12.02 03:50 frijolita_bonita If you could host a talk show, who would you have on first?

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2021.12.02 03:50 Gonzo_Girl0213 Spotify Statistics

Tonight I was curious and decided to look at my Spotify Wrapped for 2021. My top listened to artist was Gorillaz, with me landing in the top 2% of their listeners. My top song of the year was Aries. I hadn't realized how hard I'd geeked out over them this year!
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2021.12.02 03:50 Drak-Arts Store Update: Sentinel Knight in, Pumpkin Rapper out

Probably one of the last posts I plan to make here but figured I'd make another one of these notices for those targeting specific characters:
Remember: Slot 1 - 11 days, Slot 2 - 18 days, Slot 3 - 23 days
With Sentinel Knight rejoining the store officially:
1 > 2 - Scorpina has shifted
2 > 3 - Ellarien has shifted
3 > X - Pumpkin Rapper has been booted after merely 1 yr, 1 mo in the store and no longer can be regularly boosted (slot was directly replaced by Ellarien, who has 2 yrs, 3 mos of time, thus giving credence to a prior theory that player usage/popularity does impact the time a character sticks around, as we all know Ellarien had a strong start in meta)
(for me this sucks particularly as I was two boosts away from raising Rapper to LV9, since he's been part of my core team since release, but since that's no longer happening, woop)
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2021.12.02 03:50 sn0wppl Oliver TwiXt appreciation post

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2021.12.02 03:50 Ok-Negotiation3890 I'm shadow ban

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2021.12.02 03:50 Awsomeman1089 swappable barrels??!??!/11//1//??

why isn't this idea used? modern machine guns have swappable barrels for cooling
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2021.12.02 03:50 Ayaya011 Trading stuff u might be interested

☆ - on hold ♡ - traded U can still offers for on hold <3
~ genshin impact acc ~ - jean starter ar11 Asia - klee, kazuha, hutao,c1 keqing, jean and skyward harp ar50 Asia ( still have welkin ) ☆
~ rh stuff ~ Dm me to see inv, I'm lazy to type ;u;"
~ Roblox acc ~ - HugeCookiefan06 ☆
Looking for genshin acc , paypal or robux ( but lf other offers too )
Read this before offering 👇 Please don't be rude Please dont ghost me Please use mm ( or I'll be going second lmao )
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2021.12.02 03:50 henrynyguyen Which SWE Internship?

View Poll
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2021.12.02 03:50 futuregamer_3321 Black screen

The game opens normally but when I press play it gave me a black screen and froze. Couldn't exit or anything. I had to wait a couples of minute for it to close. Help?
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2021.12.02 03:50 EzerchE Healed on its own

I don't know if i had psychologically sleep apnea, some nights I realized that I couldn't breathe and I woke up. I was so obsessed with this and there were times when I couldn't sleep until morning almost every night. One night I got really bored with this and I said I want to sleep no matter what. That night my sleep was never interrupted. it was as if I had fixed something that happened because I was obsessed with it, again by ignoring it.
It's been about 3 months and I've never had this problem again. I don't know what I went through, but it went away on its own.
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2021.12.02 03:50 crackerjackgrandpa What’s a subtle sign your sister is cheating on you?

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2021.12.02 03:50 Whole_Papaya_6150 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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2021.12.02 03:50 CandidEstablishment0 Guam. Just Guam???

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2021.12.02 03:50 BratzDollss Selling mm2 for rhd

ew set 300
clockwork 75
luger 80
minty 90
candy 150
icewing 40
value all together is 735
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2021.12.02 03:50 -Loife- This is my TV remote. There is genuinely nothing cool about it

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2021.12.02 03:50 tmiklas Former Ubiquiti dev charged for trying to extort his employer

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