This looks like it could lead to some really dirty fanfic lol

2021.12.02 04:33 stupididiot420 This looks like it could lead to some really dirty fanfic lol

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2021.12.02 04:33 calurts ILLENIUM & Sueco Ft. Trippie Redd - Story of My Life (Drum Cover)

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2021.12.02 04:33 ahammerfellonmyhead My boyfriend posed his action figure in a threatening way to my doll

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2021.12.02 04:33 X-_Kacchan_-X Don't eat me alive but...

I don't like Diane, and don't respect her after season 6. She don't want to take antidepressants just cuz she think she will be boring? Are you kidding me? It's the stupiest thing i ever saw. Yes BoJack was right she fetishizize her sadness. She was an adult and that what she was doing was childish as hell. Now im gonna sit there and wait for you to write how i don't understand her pain or something. Then im gonna tell you im on antidepressants too and i had hard life too. So wanna talk about it? Someone? But talk not to calling me names cuz im sick of it on reddit.
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2021.12.02 04:33 itsDaman2 This needs to stop Reddit

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2021.12.02 04:33 SufficientAd7338 Help

Can’t read music really good just getting started was hoping I could find somewhere I could see all the blues scales
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2021.12.02 04:33 frosk132 Very happy with my new little MCM lamp!

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2021.12.02 04:33 JemarcusJones My transformation over 2 years. Really proud of what I've achieved, I couldn't feel better, and I hope this can inspire some of you to go out and better yourselves too.

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2021.12.02 04:33 phantomblazeit Can y’all tell me if my test is good?

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2021.12.02 04:33 Flashyredman I also remember them looking incredible

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2021.12.02 04:33 Rudy_Gobert Tour opener

Last night in Oslo was awesome. Toro and Einar started alone on the stage with a song I presume was from Aeolia. From then on it was two songs from each album in chronological order, with the exception of The Sky Is Red as the closer. Not many surprises in the set list. They did not play White, but Dare You. Painful Detour was surprising considering Einar's comments about the song.
The show was sold out and the guys were on fire as usual. The cellist was missing due to Covid restrictions and they had a guy on trumpet i instead. Very cool to see Tobias back, especially when he came back during the start of Slave.
Due to Covid nobody knows how and if the tour can continue. If you are in good health, go see them. You will not regret it.
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2021.12.02 04:33 tsarblyatinum Now that Christmas is coming up, does anyone know of any good scientific books about climbing? I'm mainly interested in the Biology of hands or something like that, but basically anything climbing related based in science.

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2021.12.02 04:33 OnlyRoddPremium Crypto Bull Run

Please subscribe and share
Prepare for the next bull run.
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2021.12.02 04:33 Adorable-Deer-4934 I want to ask out an actor

There's this dude I fell in love with after finishing 3 seasons of a series. He's not very famous. He only starred in one series which was years ago. I just found out that he lives in my city and he posted his contact info on his social media. Thinking of messaging him
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2021.12.02 04:33 onurikotso Any1 else facing this "reconnect" issue frequently???? Gosh it's so annoying

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2021.12.02 04:33 Oneeyenlind92 Want to get back at worst boss I've ever had

So, I'm not a petty guy. I've had a few jobs but this past engineering one had the most cult like wanker of a boss ive ever come across. My reason for leaving with immediate notice was, I was working away on one of our sites and had some dodgy jobs to do, reaching up on ladders not tall enough and general dodgy shit I did ask for someone else to come but he said no. He never let me go with anybody but always let other people go as a pair, I worked to hard in the early days to impress and proved I didn't need anyone stupidly. Long story short I got electrocuted from the mains, fall about 12 foot, cut my hand and fractured some ribs. Did this at the beginning of the day and I knew it was pretty important to get the other jobs done so stupidly stayed at site on my own and did the other jobs on my list before I went to the hospital. Doctor signed me off for 2 weeks and my boss said "I knew you would fake another fake injury" referring to a time around 6 months ago I had another fall on the same site and tore the tendons in my foot (these places are fucking death traps, I'm not the only person to get injuries) and that time I still stayed and did my jobs! The man's such a twat it's not worth trying to leave! I told him I di it and couldn't feel my foot so don't know how I'll drive home (60 or 70 miles) and he said just take it slowly.... Anyway I could go on and on, the man's a fucking sociopath I also know he was paying all his staff furlough for the whole two years, while all of them were still having to come to the workshop and work (he didn't even bump them up to 100%!) I started in February so was given normal pay while everyone else was still on furlough! He thinks that a big secret though and doesn't know I know. I reported him to the gov website but I want to do more! Get creative guys
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2021.12.02 04:33 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Charlie Schroeder

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2021.12.02 04:33 SamHam91 Cricket 22 PS5 Fully Licenced England Team Player Faces

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2021.12.02 04:33 catty_catty_ Feeling empty

Boards beginning tomorrow. Facing a bit of anxiety. Feeling too sleepy. I don't know. It's been some time now that I've stopped feeling emotions. I don't feel sad or happy or anything. There is this feeling of emptiness and I'm just feeling meh.
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2021.12.02 04:33 Lorennzoo__ I am looking for the 2022 calendar of ari in pfd , write me privatly of you have it

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2021.12.02 04:33 roooit newCRYPTOlisting: Unicly (UNIC) now listed on Kucoin

newCRYPTOlisting: Unicly (UNIC) now listed on Kucoin
You heard it first here! Unicly (UNIC) is now available for purchase or trade on Kucoin
Unicly (UNIC) Price $136.24
Price change (24 Hrs) -0.4%
24 Hrs Low / 24 Hrs High $133.71 / $143.81
Trading Volume 24 hrs $584,469
Market Cap $39,186,594
Total Supply 288,133 Unicly (UNIC)
Unicly price today is $136.24 with a 24-hour trading volume of $584,734. UNIC price is down -0.4% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 290 Thousand UNIC coins and a total supply of 288 Thousand. If you are looking to buy or sell Unicly, Unicly is currently the most active exchange. Unicly is a permissionless, community-governed protocol to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTs. Built by NFT collectors and DeFi enthusiasts, the protocol incentivizes NFT liquidity and provides a seamless trading experience for NFT assets. The UNIC token is going through a fair launch where tokens can only be minted through liquidity mining. The supply of UNIC will never reach 1 million, as inflation rate decreases each month. Token holders can govern the protocol by voting.
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2021.12.02 04:33 Rellek97 Regen Sturm

Chapter 10
The rain got harder to see through as the storm front continued to close in on Thaelmanberg.
Uhlmann kept dry inside Totenkopf along with the rest of his schar. His comm set was tuned into WNR again, waiting on the word to close the troop hatch and move out. Peterson sat by the hatch smoking his cigarettes. Uhlmann listened to the music on the radio, A German version of Raining Blood played through his head set. He yawned, all the waiting was making him bored. He pulled out a tin of Scho-ka-kola and ate a few pieces of the caffeinated chocolate.
“Careful Jürg, don’t want you too jumpy. It's what we hired those Paratroopers for.” Said Peterson.
“The wait is putting me to sleep. What's taking those guys so long to signal?”
“The troopers have to wait on the ship to be in the right angle to drop out. Moving 80 tons of Steel takes a second.”
Wulfson woke up from sleeping under his poncho in the back of Totenkopf. “Feldwebel are those guy’s going to drop in or what? We’ve been here for 2 hours.”
“I’d just got back to sleep Wulfi.” Said Styg flipping the page to his book “we’re probably just going to start late like usual.”
Uhlmann looked over at Styg. He had that old book in his hands again. “You reading that American novel again, Styg?”
Starship Troopers is a fantastic novel and it’s the only one I'll ever read more than once.” As Styg turned the page to continue reading, Peterson answered his comm set.
“This is Freiherr 1, Send your traffic.”
“Freiherr 1, this is Herzog 1. Operation is a go, i say again operation is a go. Make your way to the Line of departure and stand by for Sternteufel to make planet fall.”
Peterson acknowledged the transmission and turned himself inside the SPW. “Alright guys. Naps over, we're moving out.” He said, spitting out his König ludwig and making his way to the back. Peterson banged on the Hatch to the SPW. “Flyke! Start the engine. We're moving to the LOD.” He sat down and started tapping on his computer. “Okay guy’s, I've got roughly 20 minutes to explain this while we move to the staging area. The General staff is calling this a 3D pincer. Fallschirmjägers from above, the 10th ISD from the north and us from the south. The idea is to hit their wall of resistance with our wall of “get the fuck out of the way” there’s no big plan to this, we’re literally just going to run and gun this. Close in on them with overwhelming firepower.”
Uhlmann raised an eyebrow. “This sounds like something I could have come up with.”
“Nonsense Uhlmann. This took years of study and cultivating a strategic mindset.” Said
Thaer while chuckling.
“Alright, we get it guys. Not exactly anything to make von Clausewitz impressed.” Peterson said. “Do you Pre-Combat Checks and op test your gear. And remember guys, we are all possibly another week away from living it up on landen station with all the Anglish Girls to welcome us as heroes, and all the Eiserne Bräu we can drink.”
The SPW bucked over rubble and dipped through bomb craters. Making for an uncomfortable ride. The whine of the turbine engine was audible from under the floor. All of this made it hard for Uhlmann to concentrate on his checks, he fumbled with the switch on his night vision, and dropped a magazine as the SPW went over another rubble pile. He leaned forward to pick it up and then the SPW stopped sending his face into the floor. “SON OF A BITCH!” Uhlmann yelped.
The noise woke up Thaer sitting right next to him. “What! What the fuck happened.”
“I guess we stopped.” Uhlmann said, holding his nose.
“You’re right” Said Peterson sarcastically “That shit isn’t broken is it?”
Uhlmann touched his nose and felt under the nostrils and didn’t feel any blood. “No, just hurt like a bitch.”
Flyke opened the troop hatch “Something going on back here? I heard some Prussian yelling about someone's son? Anyways, if you guys want to open up the top hatches you can watch the Fallschirmjägers make planet fall.”
Uhlmann pressed up on the overhead hatch opening it, letting in some rain. “You sure I'll be able to see them?” he asked, “The rain’s still coming down pretty hard.” As Uhlmann finished his sentence the sky erupted into a series of red dots falling down towards the Planet.
“By Odin, how fast are those guys falling?” asked Styg. “Good thing for that heat shield or their entry pods would just disintegrate.”
The sound of the Fallschirmjäger’s pods impacting the surface sent echoes through the ruins of Thaelmanberg as one by one they slammed into the planet, sending shockwaves, dust and debris flying. A Pod slammed down 100 meters from the lead vehicle in the convoy. Uhlmann felt the wave on his face. As the dust settled the door to the long brick shaped troop transport fell open and the troopers filed out in their green fallschirmjäger smocks and smaller Kevlarhelm’s, and they carried LG-97 K’s, a shorter version of the laser rifle Uhlmann carried. The unit immediately started off towards their objective at a walk while activating their Chamäleon-2 Active camouflage.
Peterson looked over at Thaer and Uhlmann watching the ghostly hunters go out on their walk. He smirked, he remembered the first time he had seen the Fallschrimjägers do a combat landing on some tropical world. “Yeah, that's pretty badass. But they don’t have the tracked death behind them backing up their assaults. That being said guys, dismount Totenkopf.”
The Grenadiers flowed out of the SPW in routine fashion. Luftpanzer over their soaking wet ponchos, they waited until Peterson exited into the center. The rain made it hard to see anything. “I’m switching my lens to adverse sight.” Said Uhlmann flipping a switch on the lens box on the side of his helmet. The objects seen through his left eye became outlined in a yellow green light, as beads of rain trickled across his lens. The bleak ruins of the city center became a little clearer.
“Alright Schar, let's move out. You know the drill tactical columns, 15 meters dispersion” Peterson tried a few times to light up a cigarette, but the strong rain put it out and he threw the ruined cigarette on the ground. The Grenadiers moved in front of Totenkopf in their columns, checking alley’s looking for potential targets. A true battle of attrition. Already they could hear the communists opening fire with their machine guns and the returning cracks of laser fire. The first close air support sorties were being carried out as JU-20 orbital fighter bombers zoomed out from the troposphere to their missions.
The column stopped at an intersection, a perfect ambush zone. The grenadiers posted security and watched the outside of the formation. There was hardly any movement, only rain and the occasional lighting in the distance. Uhlmann saw something coming from his right inside the formation. He looked over and saw Hauptmann Topper in a high crouch speed walking towards Totenkopf.
“Hauptmann Topper sir, What are you doing back here?” Uhlmann said
The Anglish officer stopped and took a breath. “Obergefreiter Uhlmann.” He stopped mid-sentence to catch another breath, the tall Anglander had crouch-walked a full 50 m from the front of the formation. “My Comm set is acting up. I need to speak with Feldwebel Peterson.
Uhlmann pointed to Totenkopf “He’s in there with the SPW driver.”
Hauptmann Topper walked over to the SPW and knocked on the hatch before entering the already open hatch. He stayed there for 10 minutes before Peterson came back out.
“Allright, guys. Everyone in Totenkopf, Herzog 1’s SPW, is changing a wheel. We will be the lead vehicle now.
The grenadiers got up and filed into the SPW. Uhlmann sat down next to Thaer again. “At least this gets us off our feet for a second. We’ve been walking and seeing nothing for the last 45 minutes.” said Uhlmann
“Those troopers move fast, man. You been noticing all the laser burns on the buildings?” Said Thaer.
“Honestly Alfred, I can't see a damn thing clearly in this rain.”
The SPW stopped and the grenadiers once again filed out into the rain. Hauptmann Topper started off towards his SPW now behind Totenkopf. “Peterson, Go ahead and get going. I'll be keeping Freiherr 3 so you and Freiherr 4 go up ahead, we're almost done here and will catch up shortly.”
Peterson turned to his grenadiers. “Alright guys. Get up and move, keep a look out for those red bastards.”
The sounds of the SPW’s engines' winding back up filled the air again as the grenadiers started back on their hunt. The men moved behind Totenkopf for cover and could now see Freiherr 4 moving behind them. More machine gun fire could be heard echoing off the walls with Laser fire to answer them and the occasional report of thunder or Sturmzug glassing yet another building. The column passed a somewhat intact building, as Uhlmann was passing the window’s he felt as if someone were watching him, he turned his head to the left and was face to face with a blackened skull and a rotting arm hanging out the window. “Gross,” Uhlmann said and kept walking “ Wulfi, don’t mind that red in the window, he’s not hurting anyone.” The column of grenadiers came to a hastily built road block of motorcars and rubble.
Peterson hit his comm switch “Schar halt. That’s too obvious to actually be an ambush. Watch the buildings we’re gonna have Totenkopf smash through.” Peterson started towards the SPW as the grenadiers found cover and watched for signs of communist fighters. Peterson walked up to Totenkopf and jumped on top of the armored box, almost slipping on the wet surface and banged on the commander's hatch. “Flyke! Open up! I know it’s raining but open the hatch!”
The hatch opened up to the smudged and mustachioed face of Flyke. “What is it? You’re going to get the seats in here all wet and then my ass is going to be wet for the rest of this.”
“I need you to drive Totenkopf through that barricade.”
Flyke, puffed on his synthartte. “Yeah right. And as soon as I punch through that trash heap, the communist’s’ll hit me with Ion Propelled Grenades.”
“First off, how is that synthartte staying lit? And secondly I've got a gut feeling you’ll be fine.” Peterson said, looking towards the barricade.
Flyke looked at the Feldwebel “It’s staying lit because the synthetics burn better than tobacco.” He said matter-of-factly, “And I'll drive this thing through that barricade if you can guarantee me that the SPW isn’t about to be obliterated by IPG’s.”
“Fine, fine.” said Peterson waving synth smoke out of his face “I’ll send up a recon team and see what they find.” The Danish Unteroffizer grunted in agreement and closed the hatch. Peterson slid off the SPW and made his way back to the schar. “Lousy Dane, just riding around in that box all day, '' he said under his breath. He keyed his comm switch 3 times, signalling the schar to rally on him. The grenadiers formed a semi circle on him. “Ok, Flyke says he won’t even entertain the idea of driving over that until we can say for certain that there’s no one hiding on the other side with IPG’s. So I'm sending out a recon team. Uhlmann, Thaer, Styg and Dijkstra. Go over that barricade, quietly and scan the area, and actually observe shit, because if that thing gets hit. We are WALKING back.” The grenadiers groaned at the thought of having to walk all the way back to the embark site at Krasnya beach. “That’s right guy’s. So get to it. Your Recon team’s call sign will be Bürger 2 while you’re over there.” Peterson found some cover from the rain and finally lit up a König Ludwig cigarette.
The four grenadiers trudged through the rain on chewed up asphalt and piles of rubble towards the impromptu road block. “That thing’s gotta be 4 meters tall” Said Dijkstra, the heavy gunner from Thaer’s Unterschar.
“Probably why Peterson chose you.” Said Thaer. “You’re the tallest in the Schar, gonna need to get over the wall somehow.”
Uhlmann eyed the road block and its amalgamation of ruined cars and debris in an attempt to stave off the final blow. One spot caught his eyes in particular, a slight hole towards the bottom of the wall in the left corner. “Alfred, check out that hole over there.” The grenadiers approached the wall and inspected the concrete block where the hole was.
“Almost too coincidental.” Said Thaer, he looked at Dijkstra, “can you even fit?”
The broad shouldered Frisian set his Laser MG on the wall and attempted to poke his head through and got his body stuck at the triceps. He backed out of the opening. “Not a chance, unless we kinda break this concrete and make the hole bigger.”
“Sounds noisy.” Said Styg.
“And that’d take too long,” Said Uhlmann. “Dijkstra were just going to have you boost us up over this.”
“Great, I can get muddy boot prints all over my hands and poncho now too.”
Thaer rolled his eyes. “Fucking whatever Dijk, Now help us over.” The big grenadier held out his palms for the others to climb up over the wall. Thaer stepped up first, Uhlmann went next. The two helped Styg up and then Dijkstra and then climbed down the slick surface. The other side of the road block looked no different, the space was more open but still full of rubble and debris. The area was a park, or so the map of the city says. It was all one gray lifeless place now. The recon team moved from cover to cover, about 1.5 Km away from the road block scouting out areas where hunter-killer IPG teams might hide.
“Those damn reds get creative.” Dijkstra said to Styg. “Found one hiding in some rubble back in area 95 a few days ago, guy was hidden under a computer generated image printed on a cloth to look like rubble. Had an IPG and was just waiting on Totenkopf to drive into his line of fire.”
Uhlmann scanned the area with his lens and binoculars. “I can’t see anything. They’re either hidden under those blankets like you’re gunner talks about or they’re not there.” Uhlmann scanned again slowly what may have at one time been a green zone in an otherwise drab gray cityscape had been bombed into a brown and gray mud field of craters, debris and laser burns. Uhlmann didn’t think it would help much but he flipped on the binoculars thermal vision. “Not even anything abnormal on thermals Alfred.” Uhlmann continued to scan the mud fields and buildings, listening to the distant sounds of 22nd century combat. He put down his binoculars and sat down behind cover. “Peterson was right, this dumb mother fucker in SPW was afraid of-”
Uhlmann was cut off by 2 shots going right above his head where he was standing.
“Fuck! I thought you said you couldn't see anything,” said Thaer.
“I didn’t!” Said Uhlmann. The 4 grenadiers hugged the wall as well placed fire by communist machine gunners and riflemen pinned them down. Uhlmann keyed his comm switch “Freiherr-1, This is Bürger-2! I don’t know if you can fucking hear whats going on but there is at least a platoon sized element firing on my position.”
“Roger that Bürger-2, Stand by for reinforcement.” said Peterson over the comms.
Uhlmann looked to check on his team. The only cover they had was a sliver of brick wall providing a parapet to keep away incoming bullets. He saw Styg lying motionless. Uhlmann slapped Stygs Kevlarhelm.
“Look Jürg! I’m not going to be very focused on trying to see where they’re shooting at us from if you keep slapping the back of my head!” said Styg.
“Shut up retard, you looked dead!” Uhlmann said “do you see anything?”
“None of it is centralized but they’re in the buildings to the left, and in front of us.”
“Those damn reds got us in a little cross fire” Said Dijkstra. “I’ve been looking too, no heat signatures from bodies but I see them from the barrels of their weapons.
Peterson’s voice came back over the comm’s “Bürger 2 this is Freiherr 1, Totenkopf will not move but I managed to secure a sortie of some ravens. you got one strike and we got 10 minutes to use, send the location of the tree branch. Transmit directly to Muninn, How copy?”
“Solid copy Freiherr 1.” Uhlmann pulled out his CAS call cards and switched the channel on his mission computer on his wrist. “Muninn, this is Bürger 2, requesting support.”
The response was instantaneous. “Bürger 2, this is Muninn. Standing by for the tree branch.”
Uhlmann looked at his CAS call cards. “Muninn, tree branch is as follows 7, Rom, Niblung, Edel, 8.”
“Roger Bürger 2, Stand by for landing.”
The heavy and well aimed fire still came steadily, chipping away at the brick parapet. A literal cross could be seen in the tracers from the red machine guns. “Sit and wait guys. That building to the front is going to come down.” The rain started to lighten up slightly as a bullet struck the bricks and sent shrapnel into Stygs shoulder.”
“ODIN FUCK!” Shouted styg as he grabbed his left shoulder.
“Styg! What’s wrong?” Uhlmann said, sinking lower behind the bricks.
“Those damn reds put something into my shoulder.”
Uhlmann fumbled around his general storage pouch on his side under his Poncho. He pulled out a tube of Biostab. And crawled over to Styg. he inspected the grenadier’s right shoulder. It was pouring out blood, from a small hole that didn’t have an exit wound. “You’re going to be fine, Ludolf.” Uhlmann said, stabbing the tube into the wound, Styg’s eyes went wide and grabbed Uhlmann’s wrist. Uhlmann pressed the button on the side of the tube filling up the wound with a quick clotting gel and self wound packing that pushed the tube out of the wound. “That should hold you while we deal with those fucks” Said Uhlmann.
The sound of Muninn’s JU 20 ripping from the troposphere filled the “Bürger 2 landing complete, good hunting.” As Muninn’s transmission ended the still standing building erupted into fire smoke. The communist’s from both buildings stopped firing.
“Alright guys, now's our chance.” Uhlmann said “let’s go take care of that second building, it's only 200 meters away let’s get to it now.”
The 4 got off the ground and sprinted towards the building. The communists were inside too shell shocked to fire at the moving recon team. The team reached the building and stacked up on the door way. Uhlmann pulled out some Anglish phrase cards. “Communist’s, come out with hands up and no weapons.”
The communists in the building shuffled around on the upper floors of the building.
“What are they doing up there?” asked Dijkstra from the back of the stack. The shuffling stopped and a loud bang hit the floor of the building next to the stairs. Thaer peeked around the corner and saw a green ball sitting next to the stairs.
“They dropped a Grenade.” Said Thaer. The blast rocked the building and the grenadiers heard the red’s shuffling towards the stairs.
Uhlmann spotted a motor car in front of the building. “Alright, get in cover and get ready to receive them” the grenadiers took up positions behind the vehicle weapons trained on the door way. Listening to the shuffle of boots on floor boards, the voices of communist’s as the seconds ticked by. “Wait for them to reach the doorway and then open up on them. The first communist rounded the corner down the stairs, then the next as they came running down the steps and filled up the doorway in their reddish brown uniforms and their green steel helmets with red stars with sickles and hammers in the middle. “Now! Open up on them!” immediately Dijkstra lay on the trigger to his Laser MG. The sound of ripping sheet metal drowned out the sound of anything else, even the thunder. The other grenadiers joined in cutting down at least 5 communists. The lasers burned away flesh and cloth and shot burning holes through the steel helmets.
The communist’s who were still alive dropped their weapons and flung their hands up. And in German said “Don’t shoot, Don’t shoot”
“Cease fire,” said Uhlmann. “I didn’t think they spoke anything other than Worker.” Uhlmann dropped his empty charge magazine and put in a fresh one. “Uh… Come out. And keep your hands where I can see them.” The communist soldiers stepped out of the building one by one with hands held high and heads down. A total of five soldiers now stood outside in front of the building. “Is that all of you?” Uhlmann asked
“I don’t believe you.” Thaer said.
“Right” Uhlmann rose from cover. “Alfred, we’re going to go check the building. Dijk, Styg. Stay here and watch them.”
“Got it.” Dijkstra said changing out the prism on his Laser MG.
“We don’t have time for stupid bullshit. They even flinch wrong just fry’em” Said Thaer. The two grenadiers got up and headed for the door to the building that was littered with dead communists.
“These dead fucks are blocking the door.” Said Uhlmann. He looked into one of their faces or what was left of it. “This guy looks familiar.”
Thaer looked at the face of the dead guy Uhlmann was looking at. “Looks like the face of one of those droids we fucked up the other day.”
“Let's keep moving.” Said Uhlmann. The two moved through the building searching the rooms of what was now clearly an apartment. The grenadiers moved down a hallway quickly glancing over rooms with the doors already open. Only rubble and ruins for the most part. They reached the end of the hall to see a closed door. “Closed door up ahead.”
“Right, stack up on it.”
“I’ll open the door, you hang left.” Uhlmann grabbed the door knob and twisted. “Fuckers locked.” He got off the wall and delivered a swift kick by the door knob snapping the door in two pieces. And swept into the room, going right, clearing the corner and sweeping his LG to the center of the room. “No doors leading out.” Uhlmann scanned the room. It was neatly kept for being in the middle of a battlefield. A table with a long cloth sat in the middle of the room with a steaming cup on top.
“Someone's here.” Said Thaer.
“And I’ll bet they’re under the table too,” Said Uhlmann. “Cover the table, I'm going to lift the cloth.” Uhlmann lowered his LG and moved to the table lifting up the cloth. A young woman wearing a gray jumpsuit bolted out from under the table punching Uhlmann in the throat. He backed off to the wall clutching his neck and coughing. The woman ran to the door, but Thaer tripped her on the way out.
“Oh no you don’t bitch” Thaer grabbed the woman by the back of the jumpsuit as she lay face down on the floor. Uhlmann finally caught his breath and moved over to Thaer and the woman.
“Fucking bitch.” Uhlmann cursed. The woman shouted something in the strange language of the communist worker class.
“Yeah, Yeah, something about equity. Just shut the fuck up will you?” Said Thaer Trying to get the woman's hands into Flexi cuffs.
Uhlmann studied the woman who had just literally taken his breath away. A short malnutritioned woman who had her brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a gray jumpsuit with a patch of the Worker’s Combat Group militia on the shoulder. “Alfred, search this bitch for Weapons. she's got that militia logo on her.”
Thaer felt around the waist of the woman and pulled out a knife and a handgun. He handed them off to Uhlmann. “That'd have been a bad day.” Said Thaer. “Tough little girl aren’t you?” the two Grenadiers laughed
“You keep her under control and I'll pop out first.”
The woman spoke “Tougher than you Fascist bastards.”
“Oh great, she speaks German.” Thaer reached into his GP storage and pulled out a deafening chip. “Listen, I'd love to sit here and debate politics with you, miss. But I have a war to fight.” He stuck the chip on the base of her skull blocking out sound reception to the eardrum.
“Thank Thor, hopefully she doesn’t talk any more.”
Peterson’s voice called out from the stairs “1 Green coming up”
“1 Green come up” Said Uhlmann.
Peterson climbed up the stairs. “Good to see you made it out of that shit show, Jürg. We heard the gun fire but Flyke wouldn’t budge. It took Hauptmann Topper coming from down the column to get him moving. Did you find ANY IPG teams?”
“No Feldwebel. But those dead guys downstairs looked a little familiar. I think we fought a platoon of those combat droids. At least one of those prisoners speaks German and so does this woman we captured with the WCG militia patch on her jumpsuit.
“Yeah I thought I had seen those dead fuckers downstairs somewhere.” Peterson spat the cigarette out of his mouth. “You got one of those chips that CYWAR made put in her head?”
“Sure did, little lady called us “fascist bastards” and now she shouldn’t hear us now.” Said Thaer. The three grenadiers laughed.
“Alright guys take her down stairs we’ll call in a Stockholm and get these guys to an internment center.”
Thaer pushed the woman to the door. “Come on, you can go hang out with your pals down stairs.” He said with Peterson and Uhlmann in tow. The grenadiers could hear the sound of fighting picking up as they neared the stairs.
“Hey!” Shouted Peterson down the stairs “What's going on out there Wulfi?”
Wulfson came to the door. “Herzog 1 pushed forward a little. More communists up ahead.”
The grenadiers exited the building with the prisoner and put her with the others. In front of Dijkstra’s laser MG. “Yggdrasil, this is Freiherr 1, requesting Adler unit for pick up at the tranismited coordinates.” Peterson said in his comms. The lasers from Herzog 1 and the tracers from red machine guns could be seen from across the mud field.
“Freiherr 1, this is Yggdrasil. Adler unit on the way. Switch to channel 5.5 to contact Adolphus.”
Peterson brought up his mission computer and switched his comm channel. “Adolphus this is Freiherr 1. Standing by for prisoner pick up.”
“Roger Freiherr 1, are any of these combat droids in captivity?”
“I think so.” Peterson turned and looked at the prisoners. “2 droids, Adolphus.”
“Freiherr 1, wait one. Out”
Peterson walked over to Uhlmann who was watching the Combat Doc fix up Styg’s Wound. The combat doc was picking out the pieces of brick and the instant wound packing out of Styg’s shoulder
“Fuck Doc, you think this’ll send me home?” said Styg?
“No. What do you think this is the 2nd Earth war?” Doc Davies said putting a tube of Geneotron into his shoulder. “Keep the covering on that for 30 minutes, your lucky Jürg had that Biostab on him. Those brick fragments nicked the artery.”
“Got a gunship inbound for prisoner pickup.” Said Peterson.
“How long? We gotta go support Herzog 1.”
“Haven’t heard back from the Stockholm driver yet. I got asked about whether or not we have “live” droids.” Peterson finished his sentence as his comm set screeched.
“Freiherr 1 this is Adolphus. I have special instructions for the transport of the toasters.”
Peterson stepped back and hit his comm key. “Send’em over Adolphus.”
“Roger, As per FLTINT and CYWAR instruction, if ground combat units have captured GCA personnel and suspect of being a droid, Locate the tattoo marker in the shape of a circle on the base of the skull on the synthflesh, the marker is a shutdown switch, press and hold for 10 seconds and await prisoner pick up.”
“Roger Adolphus, ETA on pick up?”
“10, inbound to coordinates”
Peterson looked over to Uhlmann and Thaer. “Hey! My Prussians. Go over to those toasters and look for a circle on their skull.” The two grenadiers walked over to the prisoners. Uhlmann removed the communist’s steel helmet and pushed his head forward.
“Yeah, Right there on the base, just a big black circle. You got one too alfred?”
“Big black circle on this guy’s head too.”
Peterson walked up next to Uhlmann putting away his lighter from trying to light another cigarette. “Okay now press it and this mother fucker should just power off.” Uhlmann pressed on the black circle and the droid fell face first into the mud and soon after Thaer’s did too. “Fucking creepy man. Look like real people, feel like real people, but underneath that synthflesh is a bunch of wires and metal.”
Thaer looked up at the clouds “Feldwebel, the Stockholm's here.” The Gunships engines grew louder, even through the sounds of nearby combat, as it approached the grenadiers. The gunship driver hailed Peterson on the comm’s.
“Freiherr 1, this is Adolphus, wait 20 more minutes I've been asked to provide some fire support to Herzog 1, they’re taking some heavy fire from a Neo-concrete machine gun bunker.”
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