BIOS2170, NEUR3006, EXSS2032

2021.12.02 02:59 jenlafreniere BIOS2170, NEUR3006, EXSS2032

Does anyone have any information on BIOS2170, NEUR3006 or EXSS2032? and how difficult they are?
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2021.12.02 02:59 Doodddss My team for hell auto with the new advent side story. Explanation in comments :)

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2021.12.02 02:59 Ultimor1183 Help Needed with Widget Blueprints and Destroying Actors

Hello. I need assistance with a particular mechanic I want to implement in my game. I rigged up an item examination feature from this video I saw (Unreal Engine 4 - Zoom & Rotate Object,, And I added a function that lets you destroy the object while examining it.
What I want this to is change the visibility of a button in the player's journal to "add the item to the player's inventory", the problem is that nothing I've tried works. I've tried using booleans to check when a specific item actor is destroyed that get called by events, I've tried using Validated get variables for the items. The few times it did work with a single button, the moment I tried to do the same thing with a second button it just automatically made the two options visible before either item was even picked up and examined.
Any suggestions or tips would be really appreciated. I apologize if this is vague or confusing and I can try to provide pictures, but I sort of deleted most of what didn't work after multiple failed attempts.
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2021.12.02 02:59 Zanithos Better get ready for the avalanche of know-it-all PC customers this holiday season... :|

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2021.12.02 02:59 stonedalf Hi, my name is J.T.

I'm an alcoholic and an addict. I'm also a TV writer, which by default makes me a douchebag.
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2021.12.02 02:59 Infamous-Road-6763 Join up live now!

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2021.12.02 02:59 SticksOutForDiabetus Locked up or something idk I don’t watch baseball

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2021.12.02 02:59 Yeetus_Deleetus0001 Top 10% baby

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2021.12.02 02:59 lovelyalien15 my fanart of socks !!!

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2021.12.02 02:59 SissyBelle420 I like to think I'm figuring things out

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2021.12.02 02:59 F0amy_78 Biggest Dripstone Cave EVER! (Seed: 997608692389616376)

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2021.12.02 02:59 Tarman87 Super Tuna

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2021.12.02 02:59 Keeperoftails Coming out to my cousin?

I hoping I'm doing this right? But hi! I'm an 18 year old genderfluid bab who's is struggling to tell the most important person in my life that I'm genderfluid. The most important person in my life is my cousin (19f). We can call her L. She has stuck by me through everything and I've done the same for her. A few years ago I told her that I wasn't straight and her family was fine with it, she isn't straight either. But for a while I got stuck with schoolwork and didn't visit for a few months (6+) it was pretty much just me and two friends, I told both I was genderfluid and pansexual. But now that I'm getting to be able to come back around, I feel like I'm going to have to go back to living in a box again. I saw box instead of closet since it feels like a duct taped box that I show the everyone and everything inside the box is who I really am. I want that box to be open one day and now it feels like I'm closing it again. I don't really care much for anyone's else's opinion but hers matters a lot to me. Once I can tell her I know I can face anything anyone else throws at me for it. But Everytime I think I'm ready I get so fucking nervous! I know how I want to bring it, where, and when but I can't get myself to do it.
I plan to ask her on a car ride(if we aren't already in the car) and tell her then.
It think one part of it that's making me more nervous is what happened yesterday morning.
My uncle was being a dork and messing with me. He is huge and when I wear my onesie I'm like a tiny plush toy. He picked me up and L said "Put him down." She didn't correct herself, just said it. I can't tell you how fast my face went up and I froze for a moment. Questioning if she knew or not. I had told her little sister(we can call her S) a few days prior. And thought maybe she mentioned something about it. When she said it, it felt so good to hear. I can't really describe the feeling but I knew I enjoyed it and wanted to hear her say it again. Later me and S went to feed their horse and I mentioned what happened. But as I was explained how I felt about when she said it I know I blushed like a 12 year old and smiled. Turns out she didn't say anything about it.
The night before I went to the store with L. On the way back I started talking about this "friend" that felt like a boy and a girl to see how she would react. She was perfectly fine with it. She said that you didn't have to understand someone to respect them.
But I'm still nervous to tell her. I know it's gonna change things and I'm debating whether or not I'd rather live closing it off and being fine than telling her and it get out.
My family isn't the kindest to gay people, especially transgender people. They will use deadnames, refer to them as the wrong gender, and not care.
Got any advice about what I should do?
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2021.12.02 02:59 Bannanna_man_ Local smash tournament hosters or other game nights like that?

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2021.12.02 02:59 TheImagineWagons Where's my .05 gang at?!

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2021.12.02 02:59 PDX_mouse My grandfather at my present age. 1958 Ford Fairlane ~ 1958 Duarte, CA San Gabriel’s in the smog.

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2021.12.02 02:59 AllieHerba Guys, where has this game been my entire life?

Within 15 minutes of the demo, I immediately turned off the game... and went to go buy the full version.
This game is so charming, has so much care put into it, is SO much fun (seriously, this combat system is blissfully addictive), wonderfully paced, has great storytelling AND great voice acting - It's hard for me to find a single flaw I'm so blinded with admiration. It's been such a long time since a game really engrossed me and made me just wanna play more and more and more. I am only a few hours into the game and my party has only two members (I started with Ophilia and then picked up Cyrus), but needless to say I am entirely hooked. Finally, I've found a modern RPG I can add to my list of favorites.
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2021.12.02 02:59 laraxsana solo queue club league 💪👍 (competitive tip)

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2021.12.02 02:59 The_Memecromancer I unintentionally put my Hollow Knight savefile through a paywall

My Joycons drift too much when I try to beat white palace, so the kingsoul charm is effectively unaccsessible for me, making it impossible for me to get the true ending without buying new ones.
Is there any way to cheese white palace or do I just cope?
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2021.12.02 02:59 kpblm_info Viva Hotel, Kharkov

Viva Hotel, Kharkov Viva Hotel, Kharkov Viva Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. Its restaurant serves European delicacies and the bar stocks a variety of distilled drinks. Prospekt Gargarina Metro Station is 500 metres away. Gagarina Prospekt 10/2, Kharkov, 61010, Ukraine
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2021.12.02 02:59 FwDorisdavenport132 Why do guys two time?

Genuine question
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2021.12.02 02:59 Abyssal_Blackflame If ORV was a real show part 3

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2021.12.02 02:59 akullingampalli Long shipping times??

Hi all, I'm a newbie to Reddit so apologies for any formatting or posting errors. (This is pretty much my first post on here)

I placed an order for a Shuffle V4 on October 19th, 2021. When I try to track my shipment with UPS it says nothing, and when I try to track it on Meepo's website it just says "Label Created on October 21st".

I've reached out to the Meepo Board team a couple of times and they've replied with "This is normal, just wait". Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing long wait times right now? I'm slightly worried it's been nearly two months since I've ordered. and my board hasn't even shipped yet.
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2021.12.02 02:59 Sufficient_Shower_79 Out for blood OC

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2021.12.02 02:59 Flightlarken My date threatened my safety and told a pun at the same time..

On a 10th date at a steakhouse, my T-bone steak was really dry. I jokingly tried to snag her steak before she started, then she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “touch it and I’ll remove your tenderloins!”
Talk about love at first bite!
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